Horses of How High

With their fair share of vices, Horses of How High take on the world one leap at a time.

You went to high school, they went to school high.
Equal Opportunity

- Major focus on affordability as not to exclude lower income students

- All aspects of How High shall remain independently fair with no exceptions

- All students shall receive access to resources such as WL allocations, giveaways and future perks

No Discrimination

- Students shall not be judged based on fur, clothing or other physical attributes

- No student receives special treatment. Likewise, no student faces unjust punishment; we are one

- Never fear being yourself. How High was developed as a safe space for all to come to learn, earn and get high in return

No Student Left Behind

- Work to succeed as one, or end with success for none

- Regardless of circumstance, all How High attendees shall be supported equally

- How High works collectively to bring knowledge and value to each and every member


Mr. Miracle
Mrs. Hoofski
Mr. Huffenpuff


What is the price of tuition?
0.11 SOL
How many students may enroll?